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Signature Orthopaedics Evolve™ Cemented Stem

The Signature Evolve™ stem is manufactured from high nitrogen stainless steel. The highly polished double taper design helps to create compressive radial loading, within the cement mantle and reduce friction between cement and implant.

The system has 4 different offsets (35mm, 37.5mm, 44mm, 50mm) with 2 to 4 stem sizes per offset. This combination of offsets/sizes and collarless design, allows the surgeon to adjust hip offset and leg length independent of each other.

It has a 12/14 taper connection for easy adaption to multiple head and taper sleeve options. The PMMA distal centraliser reduces point loading of the stem onto the cement, while allowing distal migration of the stem within the cement mantle.

Based on a proven design philosophy and well-known size range, the Evolve™ system can be used to treat a wide range of hip anatomies.

Signature Orthopaedics Aria™ Uncemented Stem

The Signature Aria™ stem is based on European philosophy of a flat tapered wedge. It is manufactured from Ti6Al4V alloy with 50% of the stem circumferentially Titanium plasma coated.The plasma coating is a macro-roughened surface for bone ongrowth. 

The distal stem is matte finished intended to reduce painful end loading. The flat rectangular geometry of the Signature Aria™ stem is intended for rotational stability. The stem is available with a neck angle of 132 degrees for 13 body sizes in both standard and lateral offsets.

Signature Orthopaedics Logical™ Cup

The Signature Orthopaedics Logical™ system is a modular cup system which offers a wide range of cup, fixation and bearing options for maximum intraoperative flexibility.

The cup is manufactured from titanium alloy and coated with state of the art coating technologies to promote biological cementless fixation. The cups are available in no hole, 3 hole and multi-hole options. Cups may be used with the wide range of crosslinked polyethylene liners, including hooded, lateralised and constrained variants. Ceramic liner options are also available in BIOLOX delta material.

The Logical™ cup is supported by its own optimised Logical instrument system. The Logical instrument set is comprised of two trays for a streamlined and efficient instrument set. The primary tray contains all of the common base instruments needed for every procedure. The secondary tray serves as an ancillary case that is required only for very small and large statured patients.

Signature Orthopaedics BiPolar Head

The BiPolar Head mates with a 22mm or 28mm CoCr femoral head and a femoral stem to complete a hip hemi-arthroplasty. The CoCr femoral head articulates against a UHMWPE insert, and the highly polished stainless steel outer shell articulates against the patient’s natural acetabulum.

The BiPolar Head is intended for hemi-hip arthroplasty only, where the natural acetabulum does not require replacement and is indicated for bone fractures or pathologies involving only the femoral head/neck and/or proximal femur.

Signature Orthopaedics Custom Implants

Complex revisions, tumours, and deformities are just some of the reasons that a surgeon may look for a custom solution, which fall outside standardised sizing conventions.

Signature Orthopaedics can provide custom prosthesis by utilising the latest in CT imaging software, turning scans into actionable CAD models. The inclusive design phase relies on input from the surgeon, and experience from our team of designers and production staff. 3D metal printing, CNC machining from exotic metals or engineering plastics, and a range of porous coatings (including HA/Ag); Signature Orthopaedics is leading the way with what is possible in custom devices.

Offering a designated design team, in-house CNC machining, Nylon printing, cleaning/packaging and sterilisation, we are able to shorten lead times and provide rapid results. A standardised 6 week lead time from design sign off, will give the surgeon confidence in planning.

Delivering a unique solution every time.

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