Arbutus Drills

Two power tool options

Simple, sustainable solutions

Conventional orthopaedic drill systems are expensive and one drill is often not enough due to time required to clean and sterilise between cases.

Multiple DrillCovers allow a busy OR to perform back-to-back surgeries with a single drill by simply replacing the battery and loading the drill into a new sterile cover.

Arbutus DrillCover technology turns robust and powerful hardware tools into safe and effective surgical instruments which provide affordable sterile power to medical professionals.

Extend the life of expensive surgical instruments by simply covering them to keep them out of the harmful autoclave process.

DrillCover Technology further reduces the upfront cost of equipping an operating theatre by allowing for multiple back-to-back surgeries with a single power tool.

DrillCover Hex

Designed for non-cannulated drilling and driving of short K-wires, steinmann pins or external fixator pins. Optional AO quick connect attachment can be added for quick exchange of AO type drill bits.

DrillCover Pro

Cannulated drilling and reaming is made possible with a cannulated adapter. This facilitates use for intramedullary nailing as well as pins and wires. This powerful drill is also ideal for acetabular reaming.

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